In a world that continues to evolve and innovate, we at Hatfield Wick Education are stepping up to the challenge of providing a cutting-edge, accessible, and personalised educational experience for neurodivergent learners. With our innovative Outreach Provision, we are revolutionising how education is delivered to children with diverse needs, ensuring they receive the guidance, support, and opportunities they deserve.

The crux of our philosophy at Hatfield Wick Education is understanding that every student is unique. For neurodivergent learners who often find traditional learning environments challenging, our Outreach Provision is designed as a beacon of hope, a testament to our dedication to providing an inclusive and empowering educational experience.

Our Outreach Provision caters to fifteen students at a time, divided into three distinct cohorts based on their Key Stage. Each cohort follows a curriculum specially designed for their stage, allowing for optimal progression and continuity. From GCSE Foundation Maths, Combined Science, and English Language for Key Stage 4 students to a comprehensive curriculum inclusive of English, Maths, and Science for Key Stage 3 students, we ensure every learner’s needs are met.

What sets our Outreach Provision apart is the blending of face-to-face instruction at our bespoke Outreach Centre, online learning, and independent study. This flexible model promotes resilience, self-reliance, and adaptability – key skills for our students’ future success. Moreover, our dedicated teachers are always ready to provide online support during the independent study, ensuring no student feels left behind.

But education at Hatfield Wick isn’t just about academics; we understand the importance of emotional well-being in a student’s overall development. That’s why we include three weekly teacher check-ins to monitor well-being and maintain engagement. Every half term, we conduct assessments and provide detailed progress reports to all stakeholders, promoting transparency and collaboration.

In the Outreach Provision, we don’t just teach – we inspire, empower, and support our students to reach their full potential. So, whether your child is dealing with autism, ADHD, anxious school refusal, Attachment Disorder, or SEMH concerns, you can rest assured knowing that Hatfield Wick’s Outreach Provision is ready to transform challenges into opportunities.

Join us in making education a positive, empowering, and inclusive journey. Explore our Outreach Provision today – because at Hatfield Wick Education, every student matters, and every student deserves the opportunity to shine.