CARES Method

Central to our philosophy is the CARES method, which stands for Compassion, Autonomy, Respect, Empathy, and Support. We firmly believe that by instilling these values into every interaction, we can foster a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages growth, confidence, and resilience among our students.

Personalised Education

Recognising that no two learners are the same, we prioritise creating personalised educational plans tailored to each student’s unique needs. This involves a close collaboration with students, families, carers, professionals, Local Authorities, and Schools to craft an educational journey that caters to their individual strengths and neurodivergent needs.

Collaborative Work

We value the power of collaboration and understand that success is achieved through a united effort. As such, we work in close partnership with families, carers, professionals, Local Authorities, and Schools to ensure a comprehensive support network for each student, paving the way for an inclusive and empowering learning experience.

Specialised Services Accessibility

A cornerstone of our mission is the promotion of educational equity. To this end, we partner with Local Authorities and Schools, making our expert support and specialised services accessible to all students who need them.

Outreach Provision

In our pursuit of creating empowering and inclusive learning experiences, our Outreach Provision stands as a shining example of our innovative and compassionate approach. This flexible program allows us to extend our reach beyond the confines of our centre and meet the unique educational needs of our students in spaces where they feel most comfortable.

Our Outreach Provision hosts up to fifteen students, divided into three cohorts, each designed to meet specific academic objectives. These cohorts benefit from face-to-face instruction, which can take place at our dedicated Outreach Centre or, when appropriate, off-site venues like a student’s home, a library, or their on-roll school.

A blend of online sessions, independent study tasks, and regular teacher check-ins complement the in-person teaching, creating a balanced and engaging learning experience. An on-site mentor provides additional support, helping to nurture a positive and productive learning environment.

Through our Outreach Provision, we strive to bridge the distance between a student and their potential, offering them the opportunity to thrive in an environment that resonates with their individual needs and comfort.

Emotional Support and Social Skills Development

We understand that academic instruction alone is not enough to foster holistic development. We offer programs for emotional support and social skills development that assist students in managing their emotions, building resilience, and improving their social interaction capabilities.

Transition Support and Ongoing Monitoring

Supporting students through transitions between educational settings, and into life beyond school, is a key part of our approach. We monitor student progress regularly through assessments and evaluations, allowing us to adjust educational plans as needed and ensure continued growth and development.

Transforming Barriers into Stepping Stones: Our Therapeutic Approach

At Hatfield Wick Education, we believe in the transformative power of therapeutic education. Our therapeutic education model focuses on recognising emotional distress, providing initial support, assessing student needs, promoting positive self-perception, co-creating relevant curricula, and encouraging self-awareness and reflexive learning.

Through this comprehensive, therapeutic approach, we aim to support our students in building resilience, developing emotional well-being, and fully engaging in their educational journey. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a positive sense of self and a hopeful outlook for the future in every student we serve.